Homemade hay rack

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Since I’m now officially a hobby farmer, I have been rebuilding a lot of equipment. During haying operations, we’ve been putting the small bales on the ground and then going back and picking them up the next day. In 2005 there was a huge rainstorm the next morning and the hay ended up drenched. I decided we needed a hay rack to make our operation more efficient. The hay rack hooks to the back of the baler and the bales come right onto the hay rack. I couldn’t find a reasonably priced hay rack, so I bought an old wooden grain wagon for $25 from my neighbor. It was totally rusted, the steering gear was frozen, the tires shot and the rims rusted with holes. After a lot of grinding, welding, priming, painting and about $500 worth of wood and new tubes and tires, I had a great hay rack.



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