John’s new tractor – Kubota M6800

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Bought new in 2007 it’s a Kubota M6800. It has a 4 cylinder, 202 cubic inch diesel engine producing 70.9 gross hp and 62 pto hp. The transmission has 12 forward and 12 reverse gears (including creeper gears) with hydraulic “wet” shuttle shift (don’t need to push in the clutch at all). Fuel capacity is 17.2 gallons. Hydraulic pump capacity is 17.1 gallons per minute. The 3 point lift capacity is 4,550 lbs and has a Gannon top-n-tilt hydraulic top and side link.  It also has a top link draft sensor.   Without the loader, it weighs 5,785 lbs (including cast iron rear centers) plus 1,080 lbs of wheel weights for a total tractor weight of 6,865 lbs. Wheelbase is 80.7 inches. Ag tires are 9.5-24 in the front and 18.9-30 in the rear. The loader is a Woods model LU126 with a maximum lift height of 126 inches and maximum lift capacity of 3,250 lbs. Breakaway capacity is 4,650 lbs. Bucket size is 84 inches and 20.0 cubic feet. The loader has a Bobcat quick-tach system that handles all Bobcat attachments. Maximum dump angle is 50 degrees and maximum roll back angle is 35 degrees.


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